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Frequently Asked Questions

Which community colleges are included in your dashboard?

We include California Community Colleges whose graduating students enrolled at one of our 23 CSU campuses anytime since the year 2000. Please visit the full list of community colleges for more information.

I don't see my community college in your dashboard. Why would that be? How do I get it included?

Your community college would not be included in our dashboard if it has not had any students enroll at a CSU campus since the year 2000. It would also be excluded if it were not a community college located in California. It might also appear to be missing if the name in our database does not match the one you are using in your search. You can review the full list of community colleges in our dashboard here. If you think your community college should be included or is listed incorrectly you can contact us via the "Give Us Feedback" link in the footer at the bottom of any page in our dashboard.

I'd like to download the data for my community college. Is this possible?

This feature is now available. Look for the words "Data Download" and a spreadsheet icon near the top right of the school data page. Click on this link to download the school's data as a comma separated values (.csv) spreadsheet.

Can you show data for subgroups (by gender or ethnicity, for example)?

You can view the ethnic breakdown of your students who enrolled at one of our CSU campuses in the second table under the "More Data" tab of the "Enroll at a CSU" section of your school's report page. We've chosen not to breakdown other data (such as proficiency at entry) by subgroups to protect the individual privacy of our students.